Frequently Asked Questions
What metrics do you provide?
Keywords (keyw)
Monthly Searches (srch)
Cost Per Click (cpc)
Majestic Backlinks (mjbl)
Majestic Referring Domains (mjrd)
Majestic EDU Backlinks (mjebl)
Majestic EDU Referring Domains (mjerd)
Majestic GOV Backlinks (mjgbl)
Majestic GOV Referring Domains (mjgrd)
Majestic Citation Flow (mjcf)
Majestic Trust Flow (mjtf)
Moz Domain Authority (mzda)
Moz Page Authority (mzpa)
Moz Backlinks (mzbl)
Moz Rank (mzrk)
Alexa Links (axl)
Alexa Rank (axrk)
Times in Wayback Archive (arct)
First Date in Wayback Archive (arcd)
Open Page Rank (opr)
Average Page Rank (apr)
Other TLDs term is registered in (tld)
Estimated Spam Index (esi)
What are the Page Ranks?
Google discontinued its Pagerank metric in 2016 but the last update was 2013. However there are other indicators that can give some results. Open Page Rank is one such external indicator. Although it doesn't range as high as Google it is not confined to whole numbers and can therefore cover a large range useful for indication of a domain's importance. Average Page Rank is something we created that uses an algorithm incorporating the open page rank along with majestic and moz figures to give a more conservative and balanced estimate. As with all metrics they should not be considered alone as a sole source of information about how popular a domain is.
What is the Estimated Spam Index?
We utilise and analyse the data from Majestic, Moz, and Alexa to attempt to get a determination about the quality of any potential traffic. This is obviously easier the more metrics we have and therefore there will be domains without an ESI indicator. This does not mean they are no good only that there wasn't enough information to determine their quality. However where there is enough indication this is pretty accurate as to the quality of links and can be used to spot a spam site using trash incoming links to make statistics look good.
How often are the metrics updated?
Metrics are measured when a domain first enters the expired cycle. They are then checked again every few days until drop or renewal. Some external sites such as majestic may update minute to minute but that is simply not possible for our service. However they usually don't vary much from the current value and, in a lot of cases, they never change throughout the cycle.
Are expired domain metrics accurate?
Once a domain expires and is not renewed the last known metrics are the information that goes into the database. They are never checked again as this is a waste of resources. The amount of incoming links will usually reduce over time so all metrics should only be taken as a rough indicator. There are some domains in the expired database that don't have all metrics/dates - as this database goes back several years there was a starting point where not everything was monitored. The expired database is great for ideas but, as always, further investigation should be carried out on anything of interest.
Site Use
How do I see which tld extensions are registered for the same domain term?
The TLD column tells you the amount of tlds that the term is measured in. When you hold your mouse over an amount in that column the tooltip shows which ones they are. They are in a string form of 'cnouibmx' which means 'com/net/org/us/info/biz/mobi/xxx'. So for example a tooltip showing 'c-o--i---' means the domain is registered in .com, .org, and .info
Can I hide the columns I don't want to see?
Below the header bar above any search boxes or date searches are a list of all the columns. Clicking on these will hide/show the column you selected.
Billing / Contact
What currency can I pay in?
At the moment all payments are in Euros due to the volatility of other currencies and the fact we are based in Malta. All existing accounts will continue to be billed in their original currency.
What methods of payment can I use?
We accept only paypal but you can use all major credit cards there even without having an account. Currently we cannot accept any other forms of payment.
How can I cancel my account?
If you wish to cancel your account be aware that, as per our terms and conditions, we do not offer any refunds. Your plan will continue running until its expiry date but you will not receive any reminders towards the end of the plan.
Who can I contact with questions?
You can contact us at
Privacy Policy
When you sign up we collect and store your username, password (encrypted), email, and IP address. Your email address is used only for contact regarding your account at and is never sold, shown, or given to any third parties.
If you make payment for subscription to the site we gather the address of the paypal account to be used for invoicing. This is not stored after the invoice is created. We never have access to any payment details.
Terms and Conditions
We do not provide any refunds for plan cancellation after payment as all information is accessible on subscription and therefore cannot be taken back. However if you decide to upgrade your plan contact us and we'll refund you the time remaining on your old plan. Shortly before your payment period is up you will receive a reminder which you can pay at any point and the time is added so you don't lose any time by paying before the account expiry. Upon account expiry the account is simply deactivated and should you wish to purchase a plan at a later date you can do so and receive immediate activation. If you would like your account completely deleted from the system please contact us with the request.


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