You may have noticed how recently with all the .uk going through the droplist that the server has become erratic, non-responsive at times, and generally overloaded. The system was never designed to be looking at hundreds of thousands of domains per day. I have been working on a new system which spreads the load over several servers so is quicker and more friendly. It will be rolling out in the next couple of months and when it does there will be only one (cheap) plan for the full 90 days along with many other features. Until then all subscriptions have been cancelled and you can continue using this site for free once your monthly payment ends. Obviously there will be no new signups or upgrades in that time.

904,061 domains in the Dropping database
8,408,008 domains in the Expired database

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Up to 90 Days Dropping Domains
We list every domain that is either suspended or has become expired in,,, and .uk extensions. These are monitored daily and kept up to date giving you the most comprehensive lists available. A full 90 days of information gives you the most detailed and largest analysis of lists available and there are usually hundreds of thousands of domains in these lists for that period.
Most Comprehensive Metrics
All domains are shown with the most important metrics to help reduce your time spent on analysis.
Expired Domain Search
For several years we have been monitoring domains that have dropped and become expired. You can search through this information for ideas, domains, or potential traffic domains that have been ignored or overlooked. All data we have at the time of drop is provided. There is a wealth of information here and this is only available to subscribers of 63 and 90 day lists.
Domain Snapshots Before Expiry
A couple of days before expiry date our software takes a snapshot of a domain. This snapshot is available to subscribers of 63 and 90 day lists. This is useful because all domains entering suspension lose their content and a lot of registrars also deactive a domain upon expiry throughout the whole period. With this feature you can see what a site looked like before being closed down and help determine whether a domain has any use to you.
Domain Monitoring and Alerts
Keep track of a domain through the dropping cycle by monitoring it. You will be emailed a week before it drops, a day before it drops, and if it's renewed. Also you can be informed when a domain containing a keyword enters the drop cycle and again the day before they are due to become available making sure you'll never miss any potential domains of interest.
Dropping Emails
You can have lists of the domains dropping, and their metrics, in the next 3 days emailed to you for extra convenience. We also provide a list of domains that dropped yesterday giving you the chance to pick up some gems that may have been overlooked.
TLD Zone Files
There are places that will charge you large amounts just to download an occasional zone file. At UK Droplists we provide zone files in major extensions for you to download, updated daily, every day as part of your plan. These are TLDs in the com, net, org, us, info, biz, mobi, and xxx extensions. They contain hundreds of millions of domains between them. Note we cannot provide uk zone files as this violates the registry's terms of service.
XML Feed
Need to automate the extraction of data for your own records? An XML feed is provided for all subscribers which allows you to get each days lists with all metrics automatically for the next 30 day period. Note this cannot be used to create a droplist service nor can the data be sold.
Bulk Whois Lookup
Each day you can query the whois and lookup information for hundreds of domains. This information is shown for small amounts or made available to you in a text file.


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